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Frank Denyer

17.6.18 at 17.00

The Octandre Ensemble 

@ The Coronet, Notting Hill

Denyer’s ‘extensive study of non-Western music… shows in the semi-theatrical, almost ritualistic atmosphere his music creates’ (The Strad). Screens, featuring soprano Juliet Fraser, requires visually arresting dressing screens to conceal performers, while After the Rain, a work of unique beauty, was inspired by Denyer’s experience of the breathtaking regeneration of the Kenyan landscape after an extended drought.

Click here to go to our playlist of Frank's works. Listen to our wide-ranging interview with Frank here. Click here to read the programme notes from the concert.

Suhail Merchant created a short film about Denyer's life and work in connection with our concert. Click here to see it, or here to see Sarah Saviet's performance of The Hanged Fiddler.

Unison 1 (1972), 7’

for female voice, 2 flutes, violin, viola

Hanged Fiddler (1973), 5’

for violin, sustaining instrument (viola), percussion

Quick, Quick the Tamberan is Coming (1973), 8’

for 4 bass flutes

After the Rain (1983), 16’

for shakuhachi, 3 ocarina players, percussion, violin


- interval -

Two Voices and Axe (2010), 13’

for female voice, male voice, violin, viola, flute, double bass, 2 percussion


Screens (2017/18), 25’

for violin, viola, female voice, 2 percussion and 4 dressing screens

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