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Sinan Savaskan: Septet (2012)
for soprano, mezzo, two flutes, harp, viola, cello; 11'

Julian Anderson: Bach Machine (1997)
for clarinet, violin, vibraphone; 3'

Anthony Friend: Caprice I (2013)
for solo violin; 3'

Christian Mason: IN LATE LATE NIGHT (I THANK CAGE) (2014)

for soprano, mezzo, two flutes, harp, viola, cello; 3'


Sinan Savaskan: Unique Strands, Circular Functions and Portofino (2000/2014)

for large ensemble; 16'

Sinan Savaskan: Fragment No. 11 (from the Blue Octava Books) (2014)
for solo piano; 4'

Sinan Savaskan: PINK ROOM (from the...) (1988)
for solo piano; 0.38''

Sinan Savaskan: Tango: Square Root Impressions with Tears (1970/1985)
for solo piano; 2'


Jack McNeill: Sculpture 1 (2014)
for solo electric guitar and tape; 5'

Roger Marsh: Rising (2014)
for flute, clarinet, piano, vibraphone, string quintet; 5'

Joshua Ballance: Quintet (2014)
for flute, clarinet, piano, percussion, double bass; 5'

Sinan Savaskan: SONG 21 (2010/2014)
for baritone and piano; 4'

Sinan Savaskan: Many Stares through semi-nocturnal Zeiss-Blink – Module 30 (2014)

for large ensemble; 8' 

Sinan Savaskan: A Portrait


The Manoukian Music Centre, London

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