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Time - Space - Sound - Light


Internationales Künstlerhaus, Villa Concordia,

Bamberg, Germany

12.6.21. (Concert) & 19.6.21. (Streaming)

Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall, University of York

*Piano - Rolf Hind

Christian Mason - Composer Portrait

Flute - Audrey Milhères

'Cello - Corentin Chassard

Piano - Joseph Houston

A kingfisher dives into the sun… (2019), 21'

electronic soundscape with video (James Stephen Wright)


… just as the sun is always… (2006), 7'

solo piano


I wandered for a while… (2019), 5'

flute, cello, electronics, bells, piano

(Dedicated to Audrey Milhères)


Remembered Radiance (2018), 12'

cello, bells/harmonica and piano

(Dedicated to Joseph Houston)

Incandescence (2011, rev. 2019), 9'

solo cello


Heaven’s Chimes are Slow (2010), 7'

flute and piano


Bird learning to fly (2017), 7'

solo scordatura cello

(Dedicated to Corentin Chassard)

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