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Present:Tense is central to our identity. By combining contemporary repertoire in tightly unified programmes, we seek to offer audiences new perspectives on contemporary music; to perform and create new works; and, through exploration of timbre and ritual in music, to invite contemplation of sound in music, and music as sound.


Context is paramount to meaning. Present:Tense projects are carefully curated, often leading to performances in specific venues. We often collaborate with composers, whether commissioning new works, curating composer portraits, or inviting composers to devise sets around their own music.


  • Layers of Love (2016)

  • Curiouser (2015)

  • Savaskan at 60 (2014)

  • Medieval Modernist (2012)

  • University of York Spring Festival of New Music (2012)

  • Embracing Eternity (2011)

  • Music as Spheres (2011)

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